Beautiful and sleek journal for your everyday use. This is your happy place. This is your time. This is for you. *Keep your kids away* This is mommy's journal!

Journal in style

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It starts with you. With a powerful decision to change your life. Because mama....

You create your happiness...this journal helps..

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The first ever Journal prompts journal for moms

If you're new at journaling or you are a pro. Sometimes we get stuck on what to write about. Get unmotivated and do not stick with it.

As your life coach I created this journal to keep you accountable. To guide you everyday with a powerful and thought provoking journal prompt.

So that you have prioritize your "me" time and start being a more JOYFUL MOM!

This journal was created by a mom just like you. I know you're busy, tired and by the end of the day you just want to call it a night.

That's why you'll be able to write and reflect on these prompts in just 5 minutes. of course some may take you more than that but these questions are soo good!

Enjoy your new favorite selfcare product.

For you mama. Because you matter too.

Space for you to take notes

Beautiful colorful pages with quotes

Hola! My name is Ros Emely

I am a latina blogger and life coach for moms. Mom of three, wife and dog mom.

I am passionate about helping moms be better moms. Stress less and enjoy motherhood more!

Welcome and I hope you love these journals as much as I loved creating it.

Helping change moms lives one journal prompt at a time.

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